We are a community of people of all age groups, who want to change the world by carrying gods love in their hearts.
We understand our community as a part of the Lutheran Church, and everyone is welcome.
Many of our members are actively contributing in the work of the surrounding lutheran churches.
Our roots date back to the seventies. At that time we met as a youth group of the Lutheran Churches from Jochsberg, Auerbach and Frommetsfelden.
Out of that developed the ministry we see today. The „Verein zur Förderung von geistlichem Gemeindeaufbau, Mission und Sozialwesen“ (GMS) is a NGO and was founded 1986.
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About us - Fresh X Clip

FreshX stands for supprising and new forms of church: Youth Churches, Cafe Curches, initiatives in social hotspots... the complete clip about GMS can be purchased at the Buch+Musik Verlag for a small token of your appreciation for the project. Both this clip and the full version are only available in English! You can still get an impression of who we are.

We are looking forward to getting to know you!

RuthBanna small

Ruth Banna

1. Chairwoman GMS

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Friedrich Horänder

Leader of the Community

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