lagerfeuerOur focuses (Misistry, Mission, Social Work)

Ministry means services in free form.

Beyond that many of our members are engaging in the local churches (children service, board, music and preaching).

Basic courses on faith (Alpha-Course), small groups are a vital part of having fellowship. People in need receive councelling, e.g. Marriage- and Relationship Seminaries, Seminaries on charakter development, education, councelling, politics, art and culture.

For kids and the youth we offer programs for the corresponding age (Kids Ministry, Pre-teens, children service and Youth Group).

We are supporting mission work in Germany and abroad, by supporting individual missionaries or mission projects, e.g. in social work.

Our focus on Social Work is mainly expressed with our kindergarden that we run as a NGO. Faith from the beginning is tought by experiencing the world with all senses. The children and their parants have an alternative education program (Montessori-education). Beyond that we are engaged in jobs that focus on health and social work both professionally and voluntary.


gastfreudschaftOur Engagement Area

We are rooted deeply within the Western Franconian rual area in Bavaria and focus mainly on that area for our ministry.

Our strenghts

Men and women with many practical skills is one essential part of our community. The construction of our own building was proof of that.

Celebrating, worship, and praying are deeply rooted within our community. That way we get a break of everyday work and it is also a part of our lifestyle. We love to host people and our creativity is one of our strong suits.

The entire work we do is financed by donations. The voluntary engagement of our members is a huge blessing to our community.


bandOur Organisation

As a NGO we work togehter with the Lutheran church. The Lutheran Church is also our partner in maintaining our building. Furhtermore, we focus on unity with other groups in our area to work togehter on projects and join our efforts. A network of churches and communities in North Bavaria are supporting us with our efforts and give us valuable councelling. Beyond that we are connected through mission of the church of Jesus Christ world wide.