Church Building

Area and capacity
The Building has a usable area of 875 m².
Vor events and conferences there are 4 rooms in variable sizes with projectors and internet access.

The main hall with an area of 248 m² offers space for up to 200 people.
The room of the Lutheran Church with an area of 70 m² offers space for up to 70 people.
The smaller rooms for seminaries offer an area of 27 m² and 40 m².
A mother-child room with view into the main hall offers mothers the possibility to take part in the events and have an eye on the little ones.

The church building is located in Frommetsfelden (Leutershausen)
Hürbeler Str. 10
91578 Leutershausen

Vision for the church building
We always hat that image in our mind, that this building should offer opportunities dock and connect.
The rooms can support old and new projects.
GMS is still located at it's roots and the building takes care of the current and future needs.

Multiple usage of the building
The town uses the building for political gatherings, for the local fire fighters and for elections.
The village community has a room for gatherings and celebrations.
The Lutheran Church uses the building for activities and services where the old church is no suitable facility.

See the events in the below calendar.

Anschrift Vereinsbüro

GMS e.V.
Auerbach 28
91598 Colmberg
Tel: 0 98 23 / 9 31 - 14
Fax: 0 98 23 / 9 31 - 16


1. Vorsitzende: Ruth Banna
2. Vorsitzender: Bernd Hochreuter
Leiter: Friedrich Horänder
Schriftführerin: Stefanie Gantke
Kassier: Rainer Hessenauer

Anschrift Gemeindezentrum

Gemeindezentrum Frommetsfelden
Hürbeler Straße 10 (in Frommetsfelden)
91578 Leutershausen